Constructioneer Tony

Hello. Thank you for your interest/curiosity/or happenstance luck to come upon my Constructioneer page. May I help you?

Folks privately reserve me by communicating via internet, phone or text.

I arrive, complete project(s) and leave. You call me for more. Thank you.

Homes/Mansions/Restaurants/Stores/Creative Projects

All construction; Repair, Remodel, Create, Orchestrate

Straight-forward, no-nonsense, ready-to-work and complete your project(s). Knowledge to perform all residential trades and many commercial trades or manage entire project(s) from conception to turn-key completion. On-site problem-solver/scheduler/planner of all work and first to arrive/last to leave. You know no assumptions will be made by me and will ask should the need arise. Otherwise, you are doing what you do while I get the privilege to build some really cool stuff. Mixing building/mechanical/electrical into creative projects is fun. Walking on a 3 1/2" wide board/beam way up high gives me a sense of peace while inspecting builds. Wiring "tricky" projects is simple and would enjoy more challenging projects...such as an icon placed upon our phone that opens a program which allows us to rearrange our home...walls. Years of building or repairing homes mixed with managing commercial projects keeps me thankful constantly. And, constantly working. Twelve as a contractor and twenty plus as a handyman. (requires Flash)

So, here it is. Thank you for the work. Such sincerity keeps me employed and very thankful. My thankfulness is accompanied with a need to constantly grow with knowledge. Performing the trades and managing the trades is somewhat simple. I enjoy doing both and believe by the time my body cannot perform such trades I will be developing land into cool projects. ( Resume': ) That has been my goal of many years. I also know a little luck is required because I am not the business person but rather just the construction person. Such definitely requires a team.

Meanwhile, I will remodel/repair/build for existing customers. One at a time, privately reserved with respect towards your privacy/peace while thanking you for allowing me to sleep local to preserve time with completing your project(s). Tools and I are comfortable most anywhere. Traveling anywhere (USA) for project(s), many customers need only provide a two-week advance notice with a text or email stipulating time and place. They know I will arrive and complete project safely, quickly and with efficiency of a professional who enjoys the work. Hence the name, "Constructioneer Tony". That's who you get when you hire me. Naturally working for multi-millionaires due to my low costs and solid professionalism for never disclosing your private matters, it is indeed a joy to work amongst manners. Quite simple to share manners and I have learned over the years to prefer working for those who, "just want it done",,,,regardless of wealth. I look not to judge but rather remain grateful to not live a life of constant observation. I work hard so I may eat, sleep and share joy with my children. Pretty cool to remain grateful while constantly aware that one day tomorrow will not come. May as well enjoy today to the best of my abilities and hope you do to. Thanks for the work.


Tony Decko


California Contractor Since 2002, Handyman since 1983

Constructioneer Tony#804421

sole-proprietor (just because) (saving for someone)

ps... Making strong with a light appearance is how I enjoy creating furniture...or buildings.